Not seeing each other before the ceremony



With the growing popularity of first looks, the 2021 couple does not have to follow the tradition of not seeing one another prior to the ceremony start. Seeing your partner before the ceremony begins can actually be an amazing thing if you have pre-wedding jitters. There’s nothing like your partner to help calm you down before making your grand entrance in front of all of your family and friends. As a bonus to the first look options, you and your partner will have extra time to take all of the couple photos and wedding party photos together! There’s no strict timeline such as fitting everything in during your cocktail hour. If you’re leaning towards a more traditional feel, try a first touch instead. Opt out for the full look and stand back to back or on opposing sides of a wall and take in the moment with your partner.


Wearing a veil

Not into a veil? Don’t feel obligated to wear one! Based on the rules of your ceremony space or family traditions, wearing a veil with your wedding dress is something brides in 2021 are not all partaking in. Leave the beauty in your hair design, dress, or makeup without having something block it. If you’re leaning towards having something similar, but don’t want the full veil, opt for a small birdcage instead.


Not choosing a Friday the 13th wedding date

In some cultures, the number 13 is considered bad luck. Superstitious? We’re not! If you find a perfect venue, vendors, and time of the year for your wedding, but the only thing that’s holding you back is the “Friday the 13th” superstition, we suggest letting it go! Book the date and enjoy it. Some people even find the 13th to be lucky! In Italy, the number 13 is considered a lucky number and associated with the Goddess of Fertility, bringing prosperity and abundant life. What better way to start a marriage than with prosperity! In 2021, the best Friday the 13th date falls in August.



Wearing a white or ivory dress

If color is something you love, why suppress it on your wedding day? Forget all of the rules that say you must wear a white or ivory dress and opt for a colorful one! In many traditions, such as India, red is a standard bridal color. Lately, we’ve see different trends with pastel blues and pinks as the full gown color! Not ready for a full color change but want to add in a hint of something special? Opt for a colorful belt or a different toned under skirting!



Having same sex wedding parties

Not everyone has a group of friends that all identify as the same sex. So why should you limit your wedding party by only allowing a certain group to stand by your side? Mix it up and invite whoever you want to be on your side, standing behind you, and supporting you while you marry the love of your life.


Children as a flower girl or ring bearer

I know what you’re thinking right now. How can there be any other alternatives to having a child as the flower girl or ring bearer. Hear me out. These positions don’t have tasks that require a young person to do. All that is needed is someone who can walk, be escorted, or rolled down the aisle carrying flowers or rings. As an alternative to the common tradition, ask a grandparent, older family member, or a best furry friend to fill these positions.